Consultancy, Project and Security Management

It is important that any policy should be robust, easy to operate with clearly defined reporting lines ensuring rapid flagging of any potential problems. A Management infrastructure to ensure the success of your counterintelligence Data management and communication security project. These involve the following;
Formulation of Security policy and procedures
Implementation and integration of security policy
Staff recruitment internal and external
Penetrating testing
Sweep Services
IT Management
New risks updating

Integrated CCTV Surveillance Systems

We offer state of the art CCTV surveillance system that could be used for monitoring of your premises (indoor and outdoor) when placed at strategic locations. THe CCTV systems consists of cameras, monitors, video matrix switches and a variety of weatherproof housing and other peripherals. We design and install systems for office complexes, government building, Oil depart terminals, corporate office, airports, banks etc.

Walkthrough Metal Detector
For perfect security monitoring, we have a walkthrough metal detector that has a very sensitivity over the entire walkthrough area from Top to Bottom. No contraband will pass without activating the alarm. The gate can detect metal rods, bars, gun barrels, bombs etc. The system is weatherproof and fool-proof and the control unit is scientifically coded.

PABX Intercom System
This is an electronic modular switching system that can be programmed to accommodate as many external line and extensions as required. The intercom system is a communication device that provides on line communication between caller and receiver without secrecy.

Access Control System
The unique product is ideal for computer rooms, offices, bank and research establishment with restricted access. The loc is tamper proof, reliable, durable and adaptable. The numbers can be invalidated and recorded. The product consists of a digital pad that unlocks the door on punching in the right code numbers or in other cases the use of a swipe card or a proximity card to open the door.

Remote Controlled Gates
These are automatic gates with motorized panels controlled from a remote keypad. It can be designed to slide backwards or open wide depending on the design. They are convenient, easy to use and highly durable.

Burglar Alarm System
This is a protective system that alarms you against intruders and unwanted visitors. It consists of a multizone control panel, hardwired or wireless passive infrared detector, door contacts, vibration detectors, keypads, panic button and back up battery.

Panic Alarm System
This system is designed to neighbors, passerby, security guards and the police. It consist of a panic buff on; incorporated in single zone alarm configuration and a high decibel electronic siren operating on a 24- hour battery back-up. It is highly recommended for Homes, Estates, Neighbourhood, Watch Group, Patrol Guards, Offices, Fast food outlets, Supermarkets, Banks, Car Marts, Warehouses etc.

Magnetic/ Cross Bar Lamps
These flash lamps are used on priority vehicles e.g. patrol vans, security vans, bullion vans etc

Phone voice Monitoring machine
Offer the ability to check up on any corporate telephone call, made to, or from, the company and gives the organization the ability to truly know what is going on. It also enables you access to past conversation. There are four principal advantages in facilitating recording of calls;

- Security monitoring
- Reference archiving
- Staff performance checking
- Controlling telephone use

Cell Phone Jammer
This is the equipment that cuts off cellular phone signals from a meeting area. It saves you the trouble of telling people to put off their mobile phone during a meeting. Upon activating the phone jammer, all idle phones will indicate "NO SERVICE". Incoming calls are blocked as if the cellular hand phone is OFF. When the phone jammer is turned off, all cell hand phones will automatically re-establish communications and provide full service. It is ideal for conference rooms, fuel stations, libraries, board meetings, training rooms, lecture rooms, banking halls etc.

Fire Protection
it is of great importance for every organization to have outstanding means of preventing Fire outbreak or adequate measure to control it if in any case there is such an occurrence. The following are diverse facilities to checking and controlling fire outbreak at our disposal:
-FM 200 Automatic Fire Extinguishing system
- Conventional Fire Alarm system
- Fire Hydrant water-system
- Heat Detector/ Smoke Detector
- Water Sprinkler system
- Portable Fire Extinguished

Data Management
Corporate information loss is not just about providing secure computer systems, Antivirus and protection from hackers. Yes, this is a part of the security program, but counterintelligence Data Management involves considerable more. The diverse facilities are:
- Data Management
- Risk Management
- Network Security
- Data base Management
- Laptop Security
- Archiving
- Disaster Recovery
- Asset Management

Communication Security
Whatever the means of communication, a proportion of this has extreme importance and immediate relevance and you may be unknowingly sharing this information. Such information leakage can lead to a severe commercial impart. Communication Security helps against vulnerability to attack by:

Ensuring data is managed with counterintelligence measures in place
Providing means to deal with information loss via employees
Securing the methods of communication
The services offered are:
Technical services
Security monitoring and assessment
Procurement of equipment and services


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