We live in a world where each of us can take so much for granted. Like owning a vehicle, appliances, and pretty much anything that can be defined as a machine, we have become accustomed to "getting in, turning the key, and just go". There is always someone else who takes the time to know what makes it tick. When the machine "breaks down", we take it to a shop, or have someone come to us, who can "bang the compressor", or "exterminate the bugs", that somehow got into the box. And, when we own a machine, it comes with a user's guide, and another set of instructions that tell us how to keep these break downs to a minimum.

One thing we all know is that it seems typical that something always breaks down when it is most needed, or in the case of automobiles, we lose calm when this thing breaks down so far from home, on a deserted road, or just as we are heading to a special occasion. So, we all have the desire to know and have handy someone with the burden to ‘fix it up’.

Sometimes we get that somebody but the time and proximity is also a problem.

Hurray! Certified Networks Limited now has the solution to ‘get it fixed without borders’. Our maintenance services have been rated as one of the best in the sub Sahara Africa, Nigeria to be précised. We have provided support to small, medium and large scale organization for about a decade and our clients have always ‘use while we fix’ the problem that may arise in the nick of time.

We now have a solution that has been tested for 36 months on different operating platforms using all the necessary resources available locally to fix computer and network problems remotely. Computer repairs and maintenance is now done from our state -of -the -art Datacenter with 24/7 access by professional experts on different operating environment.

Our regular on-location maintenance solution is still very relevant as subscribers now have the added advantage of our remote Maintenance Solution.  

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